19 Mar 2017

Video of the week: the amazing trajectory of the JUICE Jupiter probe

in June 2022, the European Space Agency will launch a probe bound for Jupiter, or rather to destination of its moons. This one, called JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer), must explore the volcanic moon Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto Ice Moon. It takes 3.5 years to probe to reach Jupiter and it’s based on the gravity of the Earth, Venus, then March to reach its target. Lire la suite

12 Mar 2017

Video of the week: the Pop.Up drom of Airbus/Italdesign

Airbus and its partner Italdesign created the surprise at the Geneva auto show with their concept Pop.Up. Half drone, half autonomous car, this concept is still an exercise in style, but offers an interesting approach which separates living, running gear and air propulsion module. Pop.Up is therefore more than a drone, but a totally robotic transport system as passengers will not take orders the drone or even the car.
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28 Feb 2017

Boston Dynamics Handle, the robot master of balance

the American robotician has finally released an official video of his new robot. Baptized Handle, this one has no vocation commercial nor a useful, it is an exercise in style. It is a robot that can be called Biped mounted on wheels, a sort of roller skate that defies any notion of balance.

This robot, which measures nearly 2 metres is both electric and hydraulic, allowing him to move at the speed of 14 km/h, but also jump 1.20 m high. Its unique travel mode of Boston Robotics engineers to announce autonomy more than 24 km. They have designed a robots to amazing movement with only 10 degrees of freedom, proof of their proficiency both the balance and the robots movements. What a pity that Google not to confine its subsidiary Robotics in the design of demonstrators and don’t try to design their trading robots. Lire la suite

26 Feb 2017

Video of the week: UPS testing deliveries by drone in Florida

UPS comes to proof of delivery by drone from one of its famous Brown vans. The operation took place in Lithia, small town in Florida. This demonstration is done through the truck/drone system developed by the company Workhorse, a manufacturer of hybrid and electric truck. This system must be able to operate in stand-alone mode, without the driver have to fly the drone Horsefly. This one is loaded via a trap door then flies out of the roof of the van to steal until the recipient of the parcel and then return to land on the van. The idea is to robotics last km of delivery, one that is more costly for the carrier. Lire la suite

24 Feb 2017

Stanley Robotics installs his robotic valet at Roissy / Charles de Gaulle airport

the robot designed by Stanley Robotics valet finally took office in Roissy airport car parks / Charles de Gaulle. This robot supports passenger vehicles to park them automatically in the maze of the Paris airport car parks. Named Stan, the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) designed in France is capable of handling 400 parking slots, or 20,000 to 30,000 cars supported each year. Lire la suite