20 Jan 2018

Norway wants to impose electric aircraft for regional flights by 2040

Formerly a major exporter of oil and gas, Norway has positioned itself as the champion of electric means of transport. With 16% of vehicles sold in 2016, Norway is the most advanced country in its transition to electric vehicles, and now 50% of registrations in the country are electric or hybrid vehicles. However, the Nordic leaders do not intend to stick to land vehicles alone. Indeed, the country wishes to push commercial aviation towards electrification, with a particularly ambitious deadline: 2040. Lire la suite

16 Jan 2018

NASA thinks on IA and Blockchain for Next Interstellar Probe

Nasa is thinking about embarking artificial intelligence and a blockchain in its future space probes. This is the purpose of the RNCP research program (resilient networking and computing paradigm) which aims to develop the software platform that will equip the future probes of the American space agency. The aim is to create a reliable communication system in spite of the enormous distances for probes that will have to leave the solar system, probes that will have a capacity for autonomous action. Lire la suite

14 Jan 2018

Can Henrik Fisker outdate the Lithium-Ion battery?

With the promise of an autonomy of more than 800 km for a charge time of about one minute, with its long-awaited EMotion, Fisker wants to make Tesla and its “old” Lithium-Ion batteries more expensive. To achieve this, the startup must make a good lead on the key element in the autonomy of an electric vehicle and like any other consumer electronic gadget, its battery.
Henrik Fisker, but also Honda, BMW and Samsung, among others, rely on solid-state batteries to demodulate lithium-ion with a technology that will double the energy capacity of batteries. Lire la suite

12 Jan 2018

Boeing flies the prototype of a cargo drone capable of carrying 250 Kg

Boeing was not on the ESC this week, but the aeronautical giant has just unveiled a rather ambitious cargo drone project. HorizonX, its innovation cell, has designed in just a few months and completed the first flights of the Boeing CAV (Cargo Air Vehicle), a cargo drone capable of lifting a load of 250 kg. It’s not much compared to other Seattle-designed aircraft, but it’s a record load for an electric-propelled drone. Lire la suite

11 Jan 2018

Honda, LG, UBTech, Sony: the robot stars of the CES 2018

With its A3-x18 series of mobile robots, Honda made a big impression by unveiling no less than 4 robots, beating its rival LG who had brought to Las Vegas 3 versions of its robot CLOi. These robots have given their demonstrator a hard time at their public presentation, proof if these robots seem close to the stage of commercialization, the AIs remain perfectible. However, these service robots were robbed by a Chinese robot, the Ubtech Walker. This humanoid with no arms (!) and swaying gait is undoubtedly the most sympathetic domestic assistant of the ESC. Finally, how can we forget Sony’s Aibo, which is reborn from its ashes and could well be the success that escaped its ancestor. Lire la suite