19 Sep 2017

EPFL develops delivery drone with centimetric accuracy

Researchers at the EPFL Intelligent Systems Laboratory claim to have drawn inspiration from origami to create this delivery drone, and this is why However, this is not the only innovation brought about by this unique drone: it is capable of lifting a 500 gram load and delivering it completely autonomously, avoiding unforeseen obstacles and reaching its delivery point with centimetric precision. The drone has been designed to deliver by hand in the most literal sense of the word, as its accuracy and protection systems allow the receiver to grasp the drone directly. Lire la suite

18 Sep 2017

IIA 2017: What will the level 5 autonomous car look like?

Some people are predicting them for 2021, but it will probably take 2030 or even a little longer to use them on open roads, level 5 cars make car manufacturers and their designers fantasize. Without steering wheels and pedals, these tomorrow’s vehicles will also be electric. Free from the constraints of an internal combustion engine and heavy transmissions, the autonomous cars of the future will devote most of their interior space to passenger comfort (and, secondarily, to batteries). Technical characteristics that will revolutionize the automobile as we hear it today and on which each manufacturer brings its own vision. Lire la suite

17 Sep 2017

Video of the Week: SpaceX Failed Launch Blogger

A classic company usually does everything possible to hide its failures, hiding them under the carpet or SpaceX is not a company like the others. His video, entitled “How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster” has been buzzing all week and for good reason: Elon Musk’s company is compiling the most spectacular crashes of its rockets during their return phase. Fireworks at $6 million each. Lire la suite

16 Sep 2017

The amazing avatars of dr. Mark Sagar

Avatar, Spider-Man 2 and King Kong, Mark Sagar’s creatures have already won Mark Sagar two Oscars. Director of the animation laboratory at the Bioengineering Institute in Auckland, this New Zealander has devoted his research career to human-computer interactions but also to animating faces. The result of his work is troublingly realistic.  Lire la suite

10 Sep 2017

Video of the week: Luminar Technologies’ next-generation Lidar designed by Luminar Technologies

Wired Magazine has posted a report this week on a startup positioned in the Lidar market, Luminar Technologies. Laser sensors are essential for autonomous cars and this market is growing at a rate of 25% per year. It is expected to reach $5.2 billion by 2022 and probably much more as cars become available for sale on a large scale. This new entrant from California is planning to make a place in a market where he faces Velodyne, Continental, LeddarTech, Quanergy. Lire la suite