10 drones that have marked 2014

DHL-parcelcopterThroughout the year 2014, drones have occupied the news, for the best and the worst. The best is probably drone ambulance of this student in engineering from Delft University who best symbolizes. The worst thing is this Albanian nationalist drone sparked brawls and riots in a stadium during a match of the Euro or even these flybys of nuclear power plants in well mysterious motivations.
But beyond these topical makes drones, UAVs or PHSP became a field of innovation quasi sans-limites. Military, with projects such as the European SCAF or SR – 72, giants of the Web or simple restaurateurs everyone seeks to invent the drones of tomorrow today. The great neighbouring with the ridiculous, a bit like the early days of aviation.
Here is my ranking of 10 drones that have marked the year 2014.

10. the drone restaurant waiter

Infinium-RoboticsFrom London to Singapore, there are regularly ads robots or drones servers in restaurants. In 2014, the Infinium Robotics Singapore unveiled a project of drone Server compact astonishment. No salary to pay, no possible strikes, the constructor arguments are unstoppable. Images of synthesis of promotion videos will translate into reality? Response by 2015.

9. When a drone fires a riot

Drones flying over events, it has become common, but drones that trigger demonstrations or riots, it’s new. The case has toured the globe, this drone that flies over the field of the Serbia match against Albania, October 14, 2014. This DJI Phantom 2, everything from classic triggered the fury support over the players by wearing a flag claiming a return of the “great Albania”. A provocation that triggered Brawl on the ground, riot in the stands but also diplomatic between the Serbia and the Albania incident because he is the brother of the first Albanian misnitre who has been accused of this provocation.


8. Parrot Rolling Spider, the drone for all

Parrot-Rolling-SpiderWith its drones Parrot Rolling Spider, Parrot is the drone a toy, a (almost) great consumer product. The french who already popularized the drone a few years ago with its AR.drone goes further: it puts the drone within the reach of all. Its new range of drones controlled by smartphone is truly open to all. Then a drone in every home, it is perhaps coming soon.


7. Repeated overflights of nuclear sites in France

News in France was punctuated virtually year-round by game cache/cache between constables and drivers drones on the prohibited areas in France overview around nuclear power plants. There were a few arrests, a few drones confiscated, but the matter of power plants shows one of the problems raised by the advent of drones ‘all publics. Nuclear power stations, airport areas, but also downtown are prohibited areas overview for the hobbyists and young drivers will have to get used to it.


6. X-37B, the “space drone” returned to Earth

X-37bIt is one of the drones the most mysterious that we had the opportunity to fly this year. This space mini-navette a strictly military use, returned to Earth on October 17 after a 674-day flight in space! What equipment were embedded in its hold? What did the drone in orbit? No one knows. It is one of the most fascinating drones by the year 2014.


5. SR-72, a drone to replace a legendary plane

sr-72The SR-71 “Blackbird” reconnaissance aircraft is one of the most mythical aircraft in the history of aviation. The reconnaissance aircraft created by the design bureau Skunk Works Lockheed in the 1960s, capable of flying at more than Mach 3 with impunity over the has never been truly replaced iron curtain countries. No plane was able to fly as fast and as long as the SR – 71, but Aviation Week has revealed that the Skunk Works working on a successor, the SR-72. Unmanned aircraft, this drone could do a lot while “Blackbird”, the aim being to achieve more than Mach 6, if it fly a day.


4. SCAF: Can Europe can make up for lost time?

SCAFEurope going to redo his delay on the United States and Israel for military drones? European militaries have of turning abroad to equip themselves in disaster of dornes to support their military operations, but Governments and industry have finally understood that the development of a new generation of drone was a major challenge for the European aerospace industry. In 2014, the France and the United Kingdom have officially launched the SCAF FCAS (Future Combat Air System), the heir of the nEUROn of Dassault and British Taranis or (future air combat system. Him or rather its descendants replace undoubtedly Rafale and Typhoon in the European skies. In a few decades.


3. High-altitude “pseudo-satellite” as Internet relay are coming

HAPSDrones that fly in a circle for weeks over a territory to serve as a relay Internet, it is a particular idea by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has thus completed the acquisition a solar drones constructor, Ascenta, as a support to his project Internet.org. For its part, Airbus is party hunting to records, Zephyr, drone drones of the PAHs pou «High altitude Pseudo-satellite» class


2. Google tests its delivery drones

Google dispose déja d'une petite flotte de 8 drones de livraison pour mener ses tests en Australie.The year 2013 was completed by the sensational announcement from Amazon which then unveiled Premium Air, its project delivery by drones. A project still at the experimental stage, the U.S. FAA has always disclaimed for waiver of the No. 1 American e-commerce. Amazon could not enjoy his lead since he was already joined not Google. Like the other one must wait for the go-ahead from the FAA to launch their drones to attack the American sky. A blockage which benefits including DHL which has conducted its tests and is now considering delivery by drones airlines towards isolated North Sea Islands.


1. the ambulance drone flies to your rescue

Designed by a student in engineering from the University of Delft, in the Netherlands, the Ambulance Drone is certainly that we just imagine better with a drone. It has designed a very fast drone and contains a cardiac defibrillator. A call to the emergency services and the drone soars to 100 km/h above the city to provide assistance to a person in cardiac arrest. The goal of the project to bring relief of 10 minutes response time to 1 minute only. Much remains to be done before the drone ambulance comes into service, but the designer is already working on a version capable of reaching 200 km/h…

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