2015: 3D printing market in turmoil

Impression-3DWhat paradox! While 3D printing begins to find its place in such sectors as aerospace, medical, builders of this market-leading 3D printers drink Cup. Downsizing plans succeed at Makerbot, the patron of 3D Systems comes to resign while Stratasys has just published catastrophic financial results. Growing pains where overstatement manifest, the era of the “buzz” ends, embracing the reality of the market.

3D printers global demand fell in the third quarter of 2015

Taking editing 2014 the Wohlers Report, a reference in this area, 3D printing market is doing wonderfully. Cabinet to reviewed in net increase its growth forecasts. While its experts had estimated that market to 10.8 billion for 2021, it will eventually reach 21 billion by 2020. However, if one considers the results of leaders of markets, these are actual catastrophic.

Hype Cycle Emergnning Technologies - Gartner (August 2015)

According to Gartner, the 3D printing is coming out of its phase of disillusionment. The financial results of market leaders seem to prove otherwise. (Source: Gartner, August 2015)

Makerbot comes not to announce a second 20% of its workforce plan in having already led a six months earlier. The situation of the two biggest actors in this market, Systems and Stratasys 3D is not shiny. AVI Reichental, 3D Systems CEO, will leave its function. The latest quarterly results from the U.S. are disappointing. Its turnover reached only 151.6 million dollars in the third quarter fiscal 2015, its a decrease of 9% from the third quarter of 2013. Results than Andrew Johnson, its new Acting Chairman, explained by declining demand on all geographical areas.
At Stratasys, the situation is worse still. In the third quarter, the number of units sold has been divided by 2 and the turnover has fallen from $ 203.6 million in the third quarter of 2014 to $ 167.6 million. Result, the world leader in 3D printing has posted a colossal loss of 938 million dollars on a quarter, a chasm!

If these players reaffirm their hopes for growth in the long term, the shot of warning shots is severe. Announced eldorado is not at the rendezvous and the sector knows his crossing of the phase of disillusionment. If some manufacturers such as General Electric have invested heavily and bought full 3D printers parks, they still have the exception. Many; even among the largest global manufacturers, just use specialized providers to experiment and conduct their first projects with additive manufacturing techniques. It would be that they internalize this skill and especially are full 3D printers workshops for the market reaches the figures from analysts.

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