2015, The Year of Artificial Intelligence for all

Microsoft-cortanaJuly 29, Microsoft officially launched Windows 10. The new OS Microsoft brings artificial intelligence Cortana on all PCs.

After Siri, Cortana, Google Now for mobile users, these are sedentary users who will benefit in the assistance provided by artificial intelligence. If we add the connected objects such as Amazon Echo, the camera connected Netatmo Welcome, friendly little robot Jibo, XBox and even startups such as apps or Wepop Snips, each of us will be identified by IA in multiple forms. Intelligent agents whose purpose is to help you in your day-but not only.

Personnal assistants particularly interested in your little habits

For the first time in the history of the editor, this major version of Windows is free to the public. Officially, if Microsoft stopped selling Windows to individuals is that no one would pay for an operating system, but if we refer to the adage that if a product, a service is offered free of charge, c ‘is that the product is you! Because these RNs you go back to your PC, your smartphone, your connected objects will make you multiple services. Between Siri can tell you the movie theater where plays the movie you want to see Google Now that advises you to go to your appointment 20 minutes earlier depending on traffic, the Amazon Echo awaits you dictiez your shopping list or the Julie Desk application under development by Wepop who will be responsible for planning “smart” your agenda for you, these RNs will quickly become indispensable to our daily lives. It is only a matter of time, and investors believe.Google-NowWepop has raised 200,000 euros and 5.6 million euros Snips to add a layer of artificial intelligence to the iPhone. This is the startup Rand Hindi, who has developed predictive algorithms Tranquilien, the application that predicts train filling rates of SNCF or a predictive algorithm which provides the waiting time at the counters of each French Post Office. The concept defended by Snips is to make the smartphone “context awarness”. Why you it does bother with notifications while you lead a meeting? Why it always shows the same applications on the Home screen when you are at home, at your place of work or in public transport? Your needs are different and this is the Hindi Rand smartphone or connected objects around you who must adapt their behavior to your behavior. This is what the entrepreneur called ubiquitous computing.

The secondary mission of these gentle intelligent agents: collect data

Cortana in Windows 10 can be disabled by the user.

Cortana in Windows 10 can be disabled by the user.

If all these publishers apps, software, those connected smartphone manufacturers and e-tailers everything else s spend as much energy and hires experts also advanced artificial intelligence is that these will be of little helpers ‘tireless collector of information about you, your habits. It is no coincidence that Satya Nadella considers that Cortana is the killer app of Windows 10. This is also the key of Windows Model Business on the consumer market. Cortana’s mission is to collect as much data on your habits. Nothing secret in there, just read the fine print of the conditions of use of the Windows 10 license that Microsoft has offered. Your PC, your smartphone and your XBox that generate continuous tags on what you are doing and the power of predictive algorithms helping, what you will do. It is 19h, you leave the office, here is the right time to push on your screen advertising a Sushi delivery service at home. Your XBox know that your children are waiting at home, maybe they prefer a pizza? Here are some “data” rather interesting for optimal ad targeting.
Shocked by the fact that now all your terminals will watch you all day long to feed the Big Data for advertising? We’ll have to get used to it.

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