25 teams will compete in the grand finale of the DARPA Robotics Challenge

ValkyrieRobot11 teams were qualified during the initial phases of the DARPA Robotics Challenge, but the competition remained open to new teams until February 2, 2015. Surprise, 14 new teams are registered before the deadline.

They will therefore be 25 to start their robots to conquer the prestigious prize. Not less than 5 new teams will come from Japan, Germany, South Korea 2 2, a team of China, another of Hong Kong, an Italian and finally 2 teams American. Every continent mobilization the finals will have leagues on 5 and 6 June 2015 on the slopes of the Fairplex in Pomona, California.

3.5 $ million to the top three

The Atlas of Boston Dynamics, chosen by 7 teams of DRC.

Version 2 of Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot, chosen by 7 teams of DRC.

$ 2 million for the winner, 1 million for the second and $500,000 for the third, the allocations for the DRC 2015 are rather out of the ordinary for a robotics challenge. High premiums, but also ensured global media coverage attracted the cream of World Robotics. Google decided to withdraw its team competition SCHAFT (although it had flown over qualifications), 25 teams will try to win. 7 to between – announced they want to use an improved version of the Atlas of Boston Dynamics robot to compete in the final event. It will consist of the various tests of the sessions of qualification, including the driving of a vehicle, the door opening, the climb to a scale, the passage of obstacles, the opening of valve, etc. The challenge is going to be extremely complex for robots that will have to follow the different phases of this scenario which is a rescue response type post-disaster Fukushima, and this, in less than an hour. In addition, DARPA has promised a surprise competitor. Their robots will have to adapt quickly to an unexpected event… Many teams will have much progress to achieve at the end of the course in the time.

A very large majority of the teams engaged in the 2015 challenge are American. Carnegie Mellon, MIT, NASA, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories, UCLA, Virginia Tech, the big names of the American research in robotics will have a robots to their colors, with the notable exception of companies bought by Google. The Japan committed 5 teams, 3 South Korea teams, Germany 2 teams, then Italy, China and Hong Kong with a team. The great power of Robotics of tomorrow?

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