3D Print Show Paris: Photomaton unveils a photo booth with ‘real’ 3D

Photomaton 3DAfter the deployment of 40 cabins picture in Europe offering the ability to print a 3D figurine from his photo, Photomaton presents this year a new model on the 3D Print Show Paris. It should be significantly more performant because if the first generation relied one the camera ‘classic’ cabin to generate a 3D model by algorithm, this time, either not less of 6 cameras that will enable the algorithms generate a much more faithful to the original 3D model. The designers opted for photogrammetry, cheaper than the laser scanner, to produce the 3D model but the result is rather convincing. The first cabin must be installed in the Paris region in November. The scan is as fast as a conventional 2D picture taking (what remains possible in the same cabin) and the rather well thought-out application is easy to use. The longest is to enter its address on the screen to receive his figurine printed by 3D printing. 3 sizes are available: 10 cm / 12 cm / 15 cm, with a price that starts at 20 euros. This figurine is printed by a partner of Photomaton and sent by mail a few days later. Now that technology allows photo booth to get a ‘real’ 3D model of the face, the British brand studied other modes of commercialization of this image in 3 dimensions.

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