880,000 connected bulbs sold in one year

Smart-BulbsAccording to IHS Research, it sold 880,000 bulbs connected in 2013. A drop of water in a market of billions of bulbs of all technologies sold each year in the world, but a market led to explode in the coming years. According to these analysts, sales of light bulbs high-end prices can exceed 90 euros the unit will reach 11 million units as early as 2018. According to them, the disappearance of the small control unit specialized far sold with these bulbs in favour of lamps that connect directly with WiFi or Bluetooth to take off the market. For the greatest benefit of Samsung or Lifx, already firmly positioned in this market in the making. A new market segment that will power the Internet of things by tens of millions of units in the years to come
Sources :
“LED smart bulb shipments expected to surpass 11 million units in 2018, says IHS”, DigiTimes, October 17, 2014
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