ABB put on the artificial intelligence of Vicarious


Vicarious, it is the star of the artificial Intelligence in the Silicon Valley. Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Jerry Yang, Petier Thiel, Marc Benioff and still… Ashton Kutcher are among its top investors. A nice skewer of stars of the “Valley”.
The start-up has just released a new lifted bottom of $ 12 million, and this time the Swiss giant ABB engineering that leads this 4th round of financing with 10 million injected into the capital of Vicarious.

A startup at the forefront on machine learning

Image from a Vicarious software visualizer. (Image courtesy of Vicarious)Specializes in artificial intelligence, Vicarious did speak the powder a year ago that the technology that he developed, called Recursive Cortical Network (recursive cortical network) was able to defeat the CAPCHAs with viability of 90%. Of course, it is not this application of artificial intelligence that interests ABB. His division “Automation” should be able to implement the NCR in the analysis of vision or for Deep Learning for its robots. In total, Vicarious raised $ 72 million to develop this approach.

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