ABB bet on Open Innovation to promote Yumi, its collaborative robot

ABB-YumiThere are a few weeks, the Swiss-Swedish industrial giant ABB unveiled Yumi. A new collaborative robot in a market increasingly populated by various robotic creatures.

To win against the robot arm from Universal Robots, Kuka or anthropomorphic Baxter of Rethink Robotics or Nextage of Kawada, ABB builds on students, researchers and startups. Its a secret weapon? Open Innovation.

3 robotic challenges for the emergence of new uses

How will new generation of robots interact with humans? How to teach robots to … learn? or how robots they could be more effective if they worked in swarms or collaborating with each other? ABB-Yumi-workingThese are the three areas of study launched by ABB Robotics at IdeaHub . 3 challenges named ‘Simplicity’, ‘Deep learning’ and ‘Ecosystem’ intended precisely to generate new ideas that can be incorporated by ABB Robotics Yumi his robot. These challenges are destined both to students, researchers, entrepreneurs and industrialists. One way to find new use cases for Yumi but also quickly create a community of fans and his new robot expert. The competition is open until July 2015. A first selection of ideas will then give rise to the traditional ceremony of “pitches” in August where each promoter will present his idea to the jury. Finally, ABB Robotics will provide funding and access to robots Yumi to the best projects.

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