Accenture: What will be the impact of the Internet of things on the economy?

Acierie14.2 trillion dollars is according to analysts of Accenture, the contribution of the Internet of things into the world economy by 2030. But according to them, all businesses and all countries benefit in the same way by this change of model.
According to their estimates, it is the American economy which should benefit massively from the growth of connected objects. It should grow 7.1 trillion dollars by 2030, against 1.8 trillion in China and 700 billion dollars in China.

American companies best prepared for the Internet of things

Unveiled in Davos during the World Economic Forum 2015 study ‘Winning with the Industrial Internet of Things’ Accenture points the impact that could have the Internet of objects on enterprises and, more broadly, on the world economy. These analysts argue that the United States may earn 2.3% growth by 2030, is 7.100 billion dollars of GDP and more.


Analysts (Anglo-Saxon, it should be remembered) believe that the United States will do much better than other countries. The Germany could earn 700 billion dollars in accumulated up to 2030, or 1.7% of GDP, United Kingdom 531 billion (1.8% of GDP), China 1.8 trillion (1.3% of GDP only).
For Accenture, the United States are the best prepared at the entrance in the new industrial era, before the Switzerland, the Scandinavian countries, the Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Japan. The Franc is preempted by China and closes the classification of countries into ‘first division’, before the countries of southern Europe and developing countries.
If, according to analysts, 73% of the companies have understood the issues and have made progress in establishing a strategy industry 4.0, but only 7% of inter – they have actually implemented a comprehensive strategy.

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Source : “Industrial Internet of Things Will Boost Economic Growth, but Greater Government and Business Action Needed to Fulfill its Potential, Finds Accenture”, Accenture press release, January 21, 2015

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