Airbus is working on an anti-drone system

DJI-Inspire-cibleMedia attention regarding drone overflights above the nuclear power plants has fallen. Nevertheless, many manufacturers working on the development of anti-drone systems (or anti-UAV) to equip hub airports, military sites, power plants etc. A lucrative market that interests many arms manufacturers who see this as a new semi-civilian led their tracking technology and scrambling. Latest to position itself, Airbus Defense & amp; Space (formerly EADS).

Unarmed anti-drone system but able to take control of a drone

There will be no missile launcher steel arrows or sniper rifle or laser beam or energy, anti-drone system Airbus D & amp; S is being developed will simply blur the connections between the drone and unmanned.

Airbus D&S Powerstation 700

The scheme rather brief, published by Airbus Defence & amp; Space on its anti-drone system Powerstation 700.

Typically in this type of system, to identify the intruder, the Airbus anti-drone device D & amp; S capteurs.depuis combines several types of radar, infrared cameras. Industrial announced a detection at a distance of 5-10 km. The device control computer has a library of threats, a database drones markets with frequency lists to scramble to force the drone to land. GPS jamming is also mentioned in the statement of Airbus D & amp; S, as well as taking remote control. The system is also able to locate the unmanned to send the constabulary boarding the unwary.

The system appears to be baptized Powerstation 700 has already been demonstrations to potential customers of the device, both Germany and France. The first deliveries will be possible in the most simple configurations from mid-2016.

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