Airbus “Concorde 2”, a patent rich with promise

Concorde-2Deepak Gupta, alias Patent Yogi , has again revealed a small gem patent filed by Astrium and EADS France, subsidiaries of Airbus group. This information was picked up by media around the world who are qualified project “Concorde 2”.
A great formula for an aircraft that could connect Paris to Tokyo in less than 3 hours at a speed of 5500 km / h cruising at an altitude of 35,000 m. With this simple patent, it is far from the prototype or even of the draft, however, it is full of ideas that we might find in stratospheric aircraft in a few decades.

3 propulsion means to boost 20 people at 5500 km/h

When we see how the simple re-engining the A380 took months of debate at Airbus, a green light accountants Airbus to launch an ambitious project that Concorde 2 seems totally irrelevant.
Yet it is a real challenge supersonic aeronautical engineers. The plane takes off on a conventional airport via two turbojet engines and a rocket engine powers the camera vertically up to 35,000 m. During this spiraling, the reactors are retracted in the fuselage to allow the machine to accelerate to Mach 4.5. Reached its cruising altitude, ramjet takes over and will bring tens of privileged passengers in Tokyo, New York.

Concorde 2, a synthesis of current aerospace technology


The Concorde 2 as imagined by engineers and EADS Astrium France and takeoff mode unusual.

An optimized propulsion system for each phase of flight, it is undoubtedly an engineer’s dream. Remains to be seen if such a machine can achieve the performance and the expected autonomy. Some technical solutions are already well known. The French have tested ramjets since the late 40s with René Leduc devices and the fantastic North Griffon 1500 Northern Aviation. The aerodynamic point of view, is the idea of tipping excesses of Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo. If that Concorde 2 is technically feasible, what will be the economic equation of such a device could not carry some twenty passengers prepared to endure such a turbulent flight to earn a few hours. As for the carbon footprint of such flights …

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