Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge: the winners!

Drone-ZelatorA few weeks ago, Airbus helped by Local Motors launched a challenge designers to drones. They should create plans for an electric drone of less than 25 kg capable of carrying a load of drugs of 5 kg for 60 km or 3 kg on 100 km. A drone capable of taking off vertically and easy to carry. A challenge taken up by 425 competitors, setting a new record among the challenges far launched on the platform of co-creation of Local Motors. Among the distinguished projects which won a prize at this challenge, the Zelator from Russian Alexey Medvedev (left) as well as the American Harvest Zhang Volans.

The Zelator from Russian Alexey Medvedev wins the Airbus price

Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge - Zelator (6)With an endowment of $100,000 by distinguished project, Local Motors and the Airbus group have made full carton with this first Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge. The partners collected 425 bids with relatively close projects with each other for the winners but with some wacky projects. The specification submitted to the participants was relatively accurate and the formula 4 vertical engines for takeoff and landing and the required propulsion motor phases, leading the candidates to adopt similar formulas.


The three projects distinguished for the Airbus prize are:

  • Winner: The ZELATOR of Alexey Medvedev,
    Second prize : The Volans of Harvest Zhang,
    Third prize : The Minerva of Dominik Felix Finger.

The Cargo prize went to :

  • Winner : The SkyPac of Finn Yonkers,
    Second prize : The Volans of Harvest Zhang,
    Third prize: The ZELATOR of Alexey Medvedev.

The prize of the Local Motors community: :

  • Winner : Le Thunderbird of Frédéric Le Sciellour,
    Second prize : The SkyPac of Finn Yonkers,
    Third prize : The Volans of Harvest Zhang.

Airbus to launch a hackathon in September

Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge - Thunderbird (5)If Jay Rogers, co-founder of Local Motors, this challenge is a real success and demonstrates both the interest of crowdsourcing on such projects, but also that the creativity of the Local Motors community goes well beyond the automotive sector alone. Tom Enders, CEO of Airbus group was impressed by the projects presented, highlighting the ingenuity innovation, imagination and passion made by creators in their projects. “That is exactly what we expected when we initiated this cooperation with Local Motors this year.” It is a totally different way to capture innovation and ideas of the new generation.” Tom Enders added: “I am optimistic about the fact that some of these projects will find their way to the breasts of industrial programs of Airbus and will represent a new step forward in the era of drones.

The official release finally mentions the launch of commercial services on the part of Airbus that could resume and develop some of these concepts. The European aircraft manufacturer suggests holding a hackathon in September, in Berlin, to imagine these services of the future.



The honoured when the Cargo Drone Challenge Airbus projects:

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