Open Innovation: Airbus Ventures invests in Local Motors

Local-MotorsEveryone knows today Local Motors for his car printed 3D project, LM3D Swim. Nevertheless, Local Motors, it is much more than that. The Builder was created in 2007 by John B. Rogers, a former Marine, to reinvent the automotive industry. In the model devised by the startup, design offices were place in crowdsourcing and giant factories by the production operators located closer to consumers. A little less than 10 years later, this innovative concept has not destabilized a centuries-old industry, but the platform of Open Innovation by Local Motors interested industrialists, including Airbus, which has invested in the adventure.

A startup is going to breathe a breath of Open Innovation on Airbus

LM3D Swim

Local Motors, it is not that the company behind the car printed in 3D, LM3D Swim. This is especially an expert on Open Innovation coming after General Electric, to seduce Airbus.

Airbus Ventures, the investment fund established by Airbus in Silicon Valley a few months ago has its first investment. Astonishment, it is Local Motors, which attracted the attention of the European aerospace giant. Article from the Wall Street Journal points out that it is the way in which Local Motors innovates which interests industrial. The American, who already had General Motors among its investors. Local Motors that manages dozens of challenge of design on his site including released FirstBuild, a platform of co-creation of appliances for General Electric. Local Motors is likely to blow a wind of renewal on the offices of Airbus.
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