Internet of things: Sony chooses his side

Sony-IoTConsumer electronics, home appliances and mobile brands must now position themselves with regard to the standards of the Internet of objects. They must choose what platform rally to ensure a minimum level of interoperability between their devices and finally take off the “Smart Home” market. For each of them, the issue is size, because the risk to sit on the sidelines and be regarded as an old-fashioned brand in a few years is real. The Japanese Sony comes from his decision: he joins the AllSeen alliance initiated by the American Qualcomm.

AllSeen set to impose on the market of the ‘Smart Home’

Sony-HiFiSony joined Panasonic, Sharp, Haier, LG and Microsoft in the AllSeen alliance initiated by Qualcomm on the Internet of things. An alliance which is imposing itself in this sector, since she has seduced by less than 53 members. There are a few large pop-up, starting with the enemy brothers Apple/Google, but also Samsung. Korean prefers to play his own card with its Open Interconnect Consortium where he joined forces with Dell and Intel.
Sony has not yet delivered details on ranges of branded products that will benefit from this standardized connectivity, nor when it will be effective. Japanese has many carved in its product lines in recent years. Remain so in its catalogue TV, Hi-Fi and home theater, smartphones, tablets and finally the Smartwatchr, the watch connected brand.

Source : “AllSeen Alliance Announces Sony as Premier Member”, Communiqué Allseen Alliance, September 2, 2014

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