Amazon launches its “store” for 3D Printing

MixeeShapeways, i.materialise, and other Ponoko Sculpteo have to behave themselves. Amazon has opened a dedicated 3D printing shop. If functionally, this new section is far from equaling that offer pure player on the Web for several years, the world number 1 has often justified steamroller on the markets to which it is interested reputation. For its launch, the new ” store “already shows 285 models 3D printer for sale, 17 and 3D materials and 5.494 1.657 parts scanners. But in addition to this “classical” trade, Amazon is also expanding into the print on demand custom products.

The strength of Amazon strikes at the service of 3D printing

Amazon will he become a giant 3D printing? Everything leads us to think. The world’s No. 1 e-commerce is an essential reference for cultural products for high-tech products and finally, when the public will want to equip a 3D printer, it is natural that he will go on Amazon on her favorite find the best price for the printer coveted site.

Disponible uniquement sur Amazon USA, le store 3D Printing propose 200 objets à imprimer.

Disponible uniquement sur Amazon USA, le store 3D Printing propose 200 objets à imprimer.

Will he succeed in the market, quite different from the impression of objects on demand? It is another matter. The giant seems to test the market with a series of 3D object fairly standard in this area. Custom jewelry, decor and of course the inevitable cases for smartphones, gadgets figurines U.S. already has a substantial gallery 200 3D objects. And because Amazon has developed a number of partnerships with “traditional” actors 3D printing, a pure approach to such affiliation. Among the first Amazon partners for mixed figurines, 3DLT for gadgets and cases for mobile but also the French Sculpteo whose CEO and co-founder Clément Moreau is quoted in the press launch.

A true paradigm shift for retail, according to Amazon

For now, Amazon is the ambition to position itself as one of the first dealers 3D printed on the market based on “pure players” objects for which the B2C market remains to create . The danger for them will not be relegated as mere technical service because Amazon is addressed equally to the original creators of 3D objects to sell their works on its marketplace. Amazon will do when the market takes off? Petra Schindler-Carter, Director of Sales of the Amazon Marketplace, the launch of this store is the beginning of change model for retail. When this is the case, the U.S. does it build its own production, carry out the acquisition of one or more of its partners, or he will continue to work on this model of pure distributor, history will tell.

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