Amazon Dash, a connected object 100% dedicated to e-commerce

Amazon-DashLab126 Amazon has delivered a new connected object dedicated to e-commerce,Amazon Dash Button. Designers have reduced the customer experience from Amazon to the bare minimum: a button placed on consumables to be renew the stock. Water bottles, laundry, coffee capsules, cartridges of printers, this new connected object is directly related to the Amazon Dash Replenishment service. The strongest, it is that this connected object will cost nothing to the client, or even Amazon since marks should fight to put buttons connected to their colours in your kitchen.

The connected button, the future of customer relationship ?/h2>
When, a few months ago, the french retailer Darty launched its connected button, it was the first on the market to offer a simple button connected to call Darty client service. If the button, sold €25, has raised dissatisfaction from customer association “Que Choisir”, it has managed to find its audience.Amazon Dash Gillette FusionAccording to figures published in March 2015 by Viuz, this simple concept was a rather significant success with more than 2,500 pre-orders the first week, then 20,000 sales. The public seems to enjoy the simplicity of the device. Its transposition in e-commerce should therefore appeal to audiences. Since Amazon has found a business model that blew the brake of the cost to the consumer, resting it on the marks. With the Amazon Dash Button, the American took over the Council. His initial Dash Amazon included a bar code reader, a dictaphone. A concept interesting, but the Dash Button still simplifies the concept and standardizes the connected object. The brands will play – it game? Not certain that their traditional distributors enjoy.

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