Amazon invents the Siri of the smart home

Amazon-EchoThe CIA has dreamed, Amazon did. With Amazon Echo, the number 1 American e-commerce offers a small speaker to be placed in your living room, your kitchen. It can stream music, news, but it is especially a microphone constantly listening to the occupants of the House. Even need a Smartphone or a tablet to consult a Wikipedia or, of course, to place an order on

Will Amazon open its Amazon Echo to the Smart Home standards ? Mystery…

It is a strange object connected we offer engineers Amazon Lab126. Even the “Early Beta” stage, this Amazon Echo does not differ in its design. As usual and as opposed to the Apple philosophy or Nest, Amazon offers a simple and effective product and not very plastic rendering quality. But Amazon Echo is not intended to be an ornament, but an object that is proving useful at home. His speech analysis software is able to search on the Internet, broadcasting a song from the Music Library Amazon, Spotify or iTunes, order a product on, but also a question open in natural language. Siri for a real home.

Minimal Electronics for Amazon Echo whose intelligence is in the cloud.

Minimal Electronics for Amazon Echo whose intelligence is in the cloud.

The object has mobile applications for iOS and Android remote management. The website dedicated to the Echo Amazon states that the intelligence of this object resides in the cloud and it solicits Amazon Web Services including adapt his vocabulary to his interlocutors. Therefore, the Echo Amazon will he “hackable” and he can control other connected home via IFTTT, such objects? Nothing is less certain.
For now, the Echo Amazon is pre-release, available only by invitation at a price of $ 199 ($ ​​99 for Amazon Prime members).

Translation : Bing Translator

Source : “Introducing Amazon Echo”, Communiqué Amazon, November 6, 2014

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