25 robots qualified for the Amazon Picking Challenge

Amazon-Picking-ChallengeThe event will take place in Seattle on the margins of the major conference organised by the IEEE ICRA 2015 robotics. A robotics challenge organized by Amazon will see 25 robots to compete at an event very directly related to the activity of the e-commerce giant. These robots will have to demonstrate their ability and especially the effectiveness of their algorithms to seize products in a storage cabinet. A cabinet that the Kiva robots tend to move in Amazon warehouses a costly activity in labor for the merchant who would be a good eye as a robot is better than its warehouse.

The “picking”, a process which has not yet been robotic by Amazon

After Hong Kong, ICRA will be held from 26 to 30 may 2015 in Seattle, Amazon homeland. The opportunity was too good for the e-tailer who took the opportunity to launch this new robotics challenge. Pragmatic in his usual, Jeff Bezos created a challenge very directly useful for its business since the process that it proposes to robotize in order has been used in its warehouses where thousands of Kiva robots are already deployed.

What the robot should be able to identify.

Les articles que le robot devra être capable d’identifier.What the robot should be able to identify.

For his challenge, Amazon gave candidates the 3D file of his cupboard of standard item and a list of article that the robot must be able to recognize, extract from his locker and place in a pan. Order not to unduly complicate the task of robots candidates for the title, the size and shape of objects is not too heterogeneous. Book, pen, package of Oreo box, toy dog, the robot should be able to discriminate these blogs and grab. Each competitor may compete in Seattle with a robot built by her care or with the 5 proposed models that will be placed at their disposal at the challenge. Amazon chose 5 collaborative robots: the Baxter to Rethink Robotics, this good old PR2 of Clearpath, UR5 of Universal Robots, Yaskawa Motoman friendly and finally a Fanuc robot arm.

On 34 registered teams, 25 won their ticket to Seattle

One of the qualitication posted by Dataspeed videos.

One of the qualitication posted by Dataspeed videos.

Amazon will distribute $26,000 in prizes, including $20,000 for the winner. To date, 25 teams have been selected to play the challenge in Seattle. Major universities are there: MIT, Berkeley, Georgia Tech, the University of Texas, as well as several foreign competitors, including the University of Tokyo, Berlin, etc. On the 34 preinscrites, 25 received their airfare to Seattle after having posted a video demonstrating their ability to compete. No trace of the Google teams who have not registered, just as they had left the DARPA challenge. 28 will know us what will be the winning teams and Jezz Bezos will know if picking in its warehouses are robotisables and what productivity gains can be expected.

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Source : “Amazon Picking ChallengeChallenge Updates & Announcements”

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