Amazon Prime Air: The FAA softens its position

Amazon-Prime-AirLast February, the FAA issued Amazon an exemption allowing the e-commerce giant to trade to test its service delivery by drones. With permission of so many limitations that they made this unenforceable permission. The American civil aviation authority comes to soften its position. Amazon will be able to start its tests in the United States even if the imposed limitations will seriously slow down the ambitions of Amazon.

Amazon conducts its tests in secret in British Colombia

In granting an exemption to Amazon while prohibiting him to fly over the lower people and forcing operators of drones to keep their devices in sight, the FAA has sabotaged Amazon research program, tests yet necessary to the preparation of the future Amazon Prime Air service. The limits set by the American authority have pushed Amazon conduct its tests in the Canada in the greatest secrecy, as recently revealed by the Guardian.

Amazon Prime AirAs a result of intense lobbying from Amazon, the FAA has to soften its position. In a rather indigestible 9-page letter, the FAA has served on Amazon the new conditions of uses of its drones in the American sky.
These must not weigh more than 25 kg (55 pounds), will fly more than 161 kph (100 knots) and may not exceed 122 m (400 feet) altitude. Nevertheless, the FAA has maintained the constraint to keep the drone in sight by one or more operators. A size limit that will prevent Amazon experience an automated system or even to ensure a flight distance of the drone by on-board video camera.
The scenario of deliveries in 30 minutes only by fully automated drones away so for Amazon that will have to go through the PHSP box (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) before leading one day to this robotic system whose dream Jeff Bezos.

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