Amazon is preparing its offensive on connected devices

Amazon-DashAmazon will intensify its research efforts in the field of connected objects and Smart Home. The giant American E-Commerce already has a secret laboratory he built in Silicon Valley. It already employs 3,000 researchers, but Reuters revealed that this number will increase to 3,757 by 2019 The Lab126, which have already left the Amazon Kindle or the Dash, the little bar code reader of the brand, will now focus on the connected objects.

The Amazon’s Lab126 in Silicon Valley is hiring

It’s combing through figures of the State of California, on the website of the Governor, the Reuters journalists raised a hare. Amazon will indeed benefit of $ 1.2 million of tax reductions from California by 2019 more than the amount of the grant that has become a way of management at Amazon, it is the Because of this boost is interesting. The document explains that Amazon plans to invest $ 55 million in research centers in Sunnyvale and Cupertino, the heart of Silicon Valley. Amazon is going to make its numbers grow in what is called Lab126 27% to 3,757 people and the number of open positions is already impressive.

If Amazon is headquartered in Seattle, it is in Silicon Valley that Amazon designs its online tomorrow objects.

If Amazon is headquartered in Seattle, it is in Silicon Valley that Amazon designs its online tomorrow objects.

There are a few months, the firm of Jeff Bezos launched Amazon Dash, a small bar code reader that allows the user to do his shopping list by scanning items and dictating the products that he is missing. Of course, after validation, list in hand AmazonFresh refueling family. A thoughtful synergy between object connected and E-Commerce, and such synergies, Amazon hopes to invent others. Connected unreleased new objects may well leave the Lab126. Reuters evokes small objects placed in sensible places (kitchen, toilets, etc) could place orders automatically, simply by pressing a button. Source Reuters also mentions the track wearables. Many connected objects abreuveront in data about your consumption habits and … orders.

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