Amazon lifts the veil on a warehouse of 8th generation

Amazon-FulfillmentWhile Amazon expects a growth of 14% of its activity at the end of the year compared to last year, the No. 1 American e-commerce book some details on its logistics by year end.
80,000 temporary workers but also 15,000 robots will prepare orders for customers of the brand. Amazon presents the supply chain to cope against this capital activity peak for the merchant.

Automation makes Amazon logistics costs soar

In 2013, Amazon has engulfed $ 8.6 billion in its logistics, a figure growing by 34%. Among the investments incurred by Jeff Bezos, the automation of its logistics centres. 10 to between – them are at level 8 of their evolution. Presented in video, is based largely on the «deplaceurs» cabinets of Kiva Systems robots. Amazon had bought this constructor of robots in 2013 for $ 775 million. Today, Amazon able has deployed 10,000 in the United States. As soon as the unloading of the trucks, (human) employees sheathe cabinets with the products received. Robots will capture and are going to the Park in the warehouse. When a command is passed, the Kiva will seek cabinets concerned to bring them up to the person responsible for the picking that remains in his post. Palletizing robots provided by Thiele Technologies provide larger handlings. But it’s robots are just the emerged part of the Amazon Fulfillment System. Information logistics, recently renovated system uses OCR systematically at each stage. According the release, unloading and storage of products of a semi-trailer full implementation is made 30 minutes chrono through this organization. 10 Amazon American logistical centres would have reached such a level of automation.
Far point strong Amazon, this logistics take once again the shock of Christmas sales? It is more than likely. Jeff Bezos is given all the means to do so.


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