Apple Watch, chronic of an announced success…

Apple WatchWho would dare think that the Apple Watch could be a flop. The power of the brand is such, its installed drop so strong and true that we dare to imagine that the highly anticipated launch of connected watch is a failure. Apple is given time to succeed and to let Samsung, Sony, LG and Motorola clear the market. Apple would have already ordered a first batch of 5 to 6 million watches to its manufacturers and analysts seem certain that the wearables market will explode with the spark of Apple. Tim Cook on a wide success of Apple Watch, yet all the signals are not green.

Analysts see Apple Watch winner

What a contrast between the market figures 2014 wearables published by Canalys and forecasts from CCS Insight. While Canalys has an estimated 4.6 million wearables sold in 2014, all categories, CCS Insight believes that deliveries of wearables will reach 75 million units in 2015, an increase of 158% in one year only (compared to its own estimates). According to their analysts, the market will take off and will reach 350 million unit on the horizon 2018. The 75 million of wearables that could be sold in 2015, the quarter could bear the mark to Apple.
Apple WatchTwenty million of Apple Watch sold from the year of launch, an estimate in line with those of J.P.Morgan. Rather daring estimates so that nobody could actually test the watch and that no one knows if this connected watch will keep its promises. Their estimates are based mainly on the fact that a more or less high share of iPhone owners will naturally go into their Apple Store buy the watch. In any case of estimates that are ignored rather timid watches Android sales. Sony, Samsung, LG suffered plasters with watches connected to not always convincing efficacy and especially a failed autonomy.
Android second Wear watches, or even third-generation are now on the market, but sales of watches under Android Wear have not exceeded 720.000 parts in 2014. Apple widen the gap with at the outset? The constructor will be really better in terms of ergonomics, it is very likely, but the hardware will it at the height? In terms of sensors, not in terms of autonomy? Apple will have to prove its worth. At Apple, we put on the success. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple would have launched manufacturing over 5 million copies. The launch of the Apple Watch is scheduled for the month of April, then we’ll know if Tim Cook may win his bet.

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