ArcaBoard, a 272 hp Hoverboard to be sold at $ 19,900

Marty McFly’s dream is almost done. The americano/Romanian Arca Space Corporation has unveiled its ArcaBoard, a Hoverboard able to ‘steal’ a few minutes with a skater on board. Electric propulsion, this hoverboard raises its driver by a few centimetres only in the middle of… 36 fans.
Rather imposing, this flying skate would have an output of 272 HP but seems to have very limited maneuverability. It comes from the fertile imagination of Romanian engineers of Arca Space which must be already electric drone project, the AirStrato, or even the draft Haas 2 B and 2 c space systems. Will this Hoverboard go up to industrialization and commercialization? The displayed price is $19,900.


Translation : Bing Translator

Source : “This hoverboard costs $20,000 and can fly for six minutes”, TheVerge, September 24, 2015

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