Ariane 6: Europe finally launches the program!

Ariane-6Geneviève Fioraso, Secretary of State for higher education and research took part. The European Space Agency ministerial conference comes to its decision: the Ariane 6 is officially started.
Ministers of the Member States of the European Space Agency (ESA) are handed down: the first Ariane 6 could take off by 2020. The French position has prevailed over that of the Germany that was a simple evolution of Ariadne to cope with the ogre Elon Musk.

The US private sector has pushed the old Europe

Spurred by competition from SpaceX American, European space moving finally. The project is officially launched and Ariane 6 will fly within 6 years. Ariane 5, too heavy, was more able to compete with the costs charged by Elon Musk.


riane 6 will be launched in 2 versions. The first capable of launching five tonnes in geostationary orbit will weigh 500 tons against 800 tons for the heavy version, equipped with 4 boosters and able to deliver 10.5 tonnes into orbit.

Europe must sharpen its offer under penalty of seeing its market share collapse of civilian satellite launches on the market. In 2012, the France and the Germany seemed if be agree on the launch of Ariane 6 Summit Naples, but since the Germany had questioned his position, leaning instead for a simple evolution of Ariane 5, rather than to embark on a new program more costly and more risky from an industrial point of view.
The German space program coordinator, Brigitte Zypries said upon his appointment last February: “It has been failed that Ariane 6 is the best way to secure the lowest cost space access.”

Ariane 6 va devoir faire face aux fusées Falcon 9 et Falcon Heavy de Space X.

Ariane 6 va devoir faire face aux fusées Falcon 9 et Falcon Heavy de Space X.

Face Geneviève Fioraso for France and Maria Chiara Carrozza for Italy, both acquired in the Ariane 6 project and incidentally pushed by Airbus and saffron, allied on the project, the German has softened its position and waived an Ariane 5th transition.
Ariane 6 will therefore well the day and could soar à L’Horizon 2020/2021 if everything goes well. The fact that the France has surpassed Germany as the first contributor to the ESA has probably weighed in the balance, as well as counterparties with HBO, the spatial German champion, will benefit over the next years.

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