Can ARM get its revenge on x86 servers?

WaferProcessors smartphone to run Internet servers, or even supercomputers, is perhaps the future.
After a disappointing first supercomputer hybrid ARM/GPU of BSC (Barcelona Supercomputing Center) and the failure of Calxeda to propose a processor ARM for servers, 64-bit chips arrive and, with a fineness of engraving of 14 nm and 10 nm, they might well dethrone x 86 in their square meadows.

Qualcomm, the mobile giant, wants to shake up Intel

Two key announcements signed this week the Act of birth of the ARM architecture on Enterprise servers. On the one hand, Qualcomm has announced his intention to challenge Intel and AMD servers with an ARM 64-bit chip market. The American giant of the components for mobile is aiming for growth of 8-10% per year and achieved a turnover of 15 billion dollars in 2020, including through this new market for him, business.

Unimaginable until today, a Cray Supercomputer will perhaps one day hosted by ARM processor.

Unimaginable until today, a Cray Supercomputer will perhaps one day hosted by ARM processor.

Shortly before this announcement, it is the legendary manufacturer of supercomputers Cray who announced his desire to explore new processor architectures. The official release including evokes the ThunderX of Cavium, a smart chip that counts not less than 48 hearts 64-bit. Simple determination of challenger Intel at the time where AMD is more than 3% of the market, the question arises. HP including attempted ARM adventure with his Moonshot system. Initially, this rack that can ship up to 48 micro-serveurs would use the chip ARM 64-bit Caldexa. The bankruptcy of the latter forced HP to fall back on an Intel Atom chip before, eventually, find a replacement ARM, the X – Gene of Applied Micro chip. The domination of Intel on the servers through its chips Xeon coming to an end? It is still far, but the lines move finally.

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