The French Air Force is testing a fuel cell drone

2 hours of flight, is the independent record that is capable H2QUAD 1000, the drone designed by Quebec’s Energyor. To ensure such a long flight, this small quadcopter has a secret: it takes no batteries to power its engines, but a fuel cell that turns hydrogen into electricity. This unique feature in the interest of the the French Air Force which is currently evaluating the drone to ensure the safety of its air bases.

 The Centre d’ Expertise Aérienne Militaire (CEAM) of Mont-de-Marsan (French Air Military Centre of Expertise) took delivery of a complete system of drone on the part of EnergyOr Technologies in order to test the actual operational capabilities of its drone hydrogen H2QUAD 1000. Drone, control station, hydrogen fueling system, the french military can test this drone equipped with a 4K camera with its stabilization system. The fuel cell in the H2QUAD can deliver power of 1,500 W Peak and the reserve of the 1000 model hydrogen allows to reach the 2 hours of battery life for a payload of 1 kg. According to the official video by Energyor, this drone is evaluated in order to monitor the surroundings of airbases and localized potential suspicious packages.

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Source: “ delivers fuel cell powered H2QUAD 1000 to French Air Force Energyor“, Energyor press release, January 9, 2016

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