Audi chooses nVidia’s K1 for the brain of his autonomous car

NVidia-Tegra-K1Taking advantage of the Cebit 2015, German Audi gave some details about zFAS, which will be the brains of the autonomous Audi futures.
This calculator and its imposing cooling device were exposed on the Audi stand. At the heart of this calculator, the 192 cores chip of nVidia, Tegra K1, but also the Israeli Mobileye EyeQ3 image processing chip. This is Delphi, which has been responsible for the series production of the zFAS calculator.

192 calculation cores are the brains of the autonomous car Audi

If it is a technology company that will benefit from the development of the autonomous car, it is probably the Israeli MobilEye. Really a startup, this company develops algorithms for analysis of images and the chips operated by automotive suppliers. The company has already managed to lift 400 M$, a record for an Israeli company. These chips should be ubiquitous in autonomous cars of the future. A few weeks ago, Valeo signed an agreement with him to ship its chips in its offering of robotization Drive4U.

zFAS, the brain of future autonomous Audi cars.

zFAS, the brain of future autonomous Audi cars.

At Cebit, was Audi who confided having incorporated the MobilEye EyeQ3 processor in the design of its zFAS calculator. It is this computer that will be embedded in the autonomous Audi future. The MobilEye chip will ensure part analysis of image, while it is a nVidia microprocessor that will drive the car. Audi chose the Tegra K1, a chip 192 cores that nVidia marketing has described as a supercomputer on a chip at its launch in 2014. It is probably at this time that Audi has frozen its zFAS motherboard design, because since then, nVidia has launched the X 1, a 256 cores version of the K1.

Delphi won the contract for the production of the zFAS calculator

The K1 offers a CPU quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 “r3″ 2.3 GHz, but mostly 192 cores nVidia Cuda. nVidia Announces 326 GFlops power and addressable memory that can go up to 8 GB. A power that will be used by Audi to merge multiple sensors that are required to roll a car on an autonomous basis. Sensors provided by Bosch, Continental, Valeo and Delphi, as stated in the press release.

The Prologue Audi who realized his demonstrations of autonomous conduct during these 2015 of Las Vegas.

The Prologue Audi who realized his demonstrations of autonomous conduct during these 2015 of Las Vegas.

Among the suppliers selected by Audi to its program «Audi piloted driving», terminology House for an autonomous car project started many years ago. In 2010, Audi launched as Audi TTS to the onslaught of the Pike Peaks rise, while in October 2014, the autonomous Audi RS7 brought down the chronos at the Hockenheim circuit, while Audi has short-changed the Prologue in the streets of Las Vegas at the consumer electronics show, the ETUC, in January 2015. A calculator zFAS precisely equipped car. The Delphi supplier was designated by Audi to mass-produce this onboard computer.
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Source : “Audi mastermind for piloted driving: the central driver assistance controller “, Audi press release, March 31, 2015

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