Audi to deploy Oculus Rift in its dealerships

Audi-VR-ExperienceAudi continues the digital transformation. Always anxious to deploy multimedia solutions in its dealerships, Audi will provide its sellers of virtual reality goggles. They will be able to show their customers the models and options not available.
The German manufacturer has unveiled its ‘Audi VR Experience’ project at the Detroit show. This deployment of virtual reality goggles is straight line of the construction of the City Audi, cyberstores where multimedia allows the manufacturer to show the very many options available in the catalogue of the prestigious brands in 4 rings.

Multimedia to cope with the explosion in the number of options available

After the walls of images with gestural interfaces, large-format multitouch screens, car dealers will have a new weapon to convince prospects to sign a fat cheque to acquire the car of their dreams.

Audi City: when the dealership turns into cyberstore.

Audi City: when the dealership turns into cyberstore.

The first images broadcast by Audi on this project show the Oculus Development Kit 2 supplemented by Bang & Olufsen high quality audio headphones to best reproduce the sounds of German engines. Attention to detail, all will be delivered to dealers in a signed case «Audi Design».
The virtual reality goggles will be deployed in dealerships from the end of the year. Currently, Audi has converted 16 of its traditional concessions in “Audi City” in Europe. Cyberstores where multimedia devices allow builders to limit the number of exposed vehicles and transform a banal car in Apple Store dealership.
For the constructor, the time is now to the globalisation of these cyberstores, with 200 concessions more implemented in 2015.

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