Audi deploys its first collaborative robots on its assembly lines

Audi - MRK systemeWorkers in the Assembly of Audi A4, A5 and Q5 in Ingolstadt line are now working alongside new-generation robots. Protection enclosure more separate machinery workers. Audi workers work in collaboration with these towering robots over 1 m 40 with no risk.
Baptised PART4you, these robots are not deployed to replace workers, but rather to help them in their work and improve their working conditions.

The ‘cobots’ are little by little their place in workshops

Robot KR 5 of MRK-systeme in the factory Audi of Ingolstatt.

Robot KR 5 of MRK-systeme in the factory Audi of Ingolstatt.

Audi is most likely the first vehicle manufacturer to install collaborative robots (or cobots) on its assembly lines. It is its iconic Ingolstadt plant which has the first of this innovation. The InPART4you project is to install a type KR 5 if (for SafeInteraction) robot designed by MSK-system, a German ROBOTICIST. The main characteristic of this robot arm, it is to be equipped with multiple devices of protection to enable industrial install on a workstation without protecting it by a closed enclosure. There is nothing of a detail since Audi review work processes that the robot may help the worker to gain time to accomplish its task. Thus, the worker responsible for mounting the coolant expansion tank is assisted by the robot. It is he who takes the part in question into the tray and tends to the worker. The latter moves less and has more in this fall to take part in the tray. His work is less tiring and less painful for her back. Incidentally, the productivity of the position is improved by this duo. other workstation impacted by the arrival of the cobots body parts laying. This robot automatically poses the glue on the part in question before that worker laying on the car.
No doubt that Audi is showing the way and collaborative robots will multiply among industrialists in the years to come. A robot that just help the workers rather than replace them, secret productivity.

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Source : “New human-robot cooperation in Audi’s production processes”, Communiqué de presse Audi, February 12, 2015

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