Audi RS7 rolled her self on the Hockenheimring

Audi-RS7In addition to a triple victory of Audi in Hockenheim, the viewers of the last grand prix of the season in DTM had the chance to see the Audi RS7 autonomously perform a trick without a pilot on board. It’s no longer here robotic driving, but driving. The machine clocked a little higher than 2 minutes, certainly far from the time of 1: 33: 316 Miguel Molina completed the same weekend with the Audi RS5 DTM, but probably better than many drivers Sunday could be on the German circuit.

Audi has deployed a much improved GPS system on the circuit

She has traveled the 4.574 km of Hockenheim in just over 2 minutes, or about 137 km / h on average. Not bad for the RS7 Concept, the latest autonomous car “sport” Audi. We remember that the German automaker had already rubbed the rise of Pike Peak in 2010, a track that had swallowed his Audi TTS in 27 minutes. His new car, a RS7, has thus attacked a historical tour of Formula 1 Hockenheim.

This demonstration was conducted at the close of the DTM season. The time recorded is not very significant as the car came to rest in front of the line and that the conduct was adopted by automation rather cautious. The onboard camera showing braking rather cautious, no wheel locks and trajectories certainly ideal if one believes the overexcited commentator, but rather distant borders. It is far from humans who do not hesitate to encroach on the curbs to gain a few hundredths of a second. To achieve the performance RS7 Concept is certainly supported on 3D cameras, but more importantly an improved GPS system. Audi circuit equipped for providing a GPS positioning a pécision of the order of several centimeters. This is how the car robot was able to follow these ideal trajectories. Maybe not the fastest, but the ideal mathematical point of view …

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