A robot on every desktop, it is the future?

Automata-Eva-9Who could foresee dan 50s or 60 that one day everyone would have a computer on his desk or in his pocket? Unthinkable in technical terms in an era where a computer was a piece whole, unthinkable because of the cost, or even in terms of applications. Aside from a few mathematicians, which really was in need of a computer. Some consider today that the robot will know the same evolution. Not only the robots will leave the workshops, but in a few years, each could well be helped in his work by a collaborative robot.

Automata wants to market a 6 robot axes only $ 3,000

It was while working in service research of the architectural firm of Zaha Hadid that Suryansh Chandra and Mostafa Elsayed decided to create Automata. A new constructor for robots whose ambition is to create an arm of a maximum price of $3,000. A robot that everyone could have on his desk in order to be assisted in the more repetitive tasks.

Automata-EvaTheir adventure started here 5 months but the founders of Automata have already produced, thanks to 3D printing, several more or less operational prototypes of their robot arm. Their ” Eva ” is a 6 robot axes realized in plastic material. It weighs only 2.3 kg but will be able to carry up to 750 g.

Automata is not the first to propose a collaborative robot’s small size, but if he manages to sell his robot to 3,000 euros, it will be far less than the tens of thousands of dollars necessary to the acquisition of a current collaborative robot. The first robots ” Eva ” should be entrusted with customers first tests from next month.

Faced with “Eva” will stand arms multiple robots in category “featherweight” present on the market or rather in preparation referenced in Robotiq market. Among them, ABB with her Roberta, Biorob of Bionic Robotics, the Bosch APAS, P – Rob by F & P Robotics, the Kuka Iiwa, Speedy-10 of MaBi, the UR3 of Universal robotics or even the little robot SCARA PF400 from Precise Automation.

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