China takes speed Airbus and launches the production of its electric aircraft

RX1EThe Chinese civil aviation authority has to give its agreement to Shenyang Aircraft Manufacturing Co to start production of the RX1E. It is a small electric two-seater unveiled a few months ago.
If there are already electric ULM, gliders equipped with an auxiliary electric motor, the RX1E seems much advantage to the E-Fan of Airbus, whose factory is not even built, in the race for the production. Can it meet the success outside of China?

RX1E, first aircraft to be produced in series

RX1E au sol

The RX1E features of an electric motor very modest of 30 kW only against 85 kW for Pipistrel WATTsUP and 60 kW for the E-Fan 1.0 of Airbus, a single-seater.

According to figures published by the Aeronautical University of Shenyang who designed the device, this two-seater side-by-side has a wingspan of 14.5 metres for a length of 6.6 metres and 2.5 metres in height. Its electric motor 30 kW only (compared with 85 kW for the Siemens of Pipistrel WATTsUP engine) allows it to reach 160 km/h with a maximum altitude of 3000 m. Le RX1E has of lithium batteries that provide a range of 45 to 60 minutes of flight for 90 minutes of load.
The RX1E is intended to be an aircraft school, tourism or the air sport. The latest photos published by People’s Daily online suggest multiple copies being assembled. According to the Chinese press, 28 have already ordered.

Air&Cosmos website notes that the RX1E was not only present to the public when the great from the Airshow Zhuhai late 2014, but also there at the salons of Friedrichshafen and Oshkosh, evidence that China might export its electric aircraft in Europe and the United States.

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