Azuma Hikaki, the first hologram personal assistant

The reality is going to exceed fiction. Vinclu, a Japanese startup, is about preparing to commercialize artificial intelligence comparable to that of film “Her” by Spike Jonze with Joaquin Phoenix Tomb finally love. Vinclu only had been made known so far for a little bird light to plug into a USB… in short a product technologically unexciting but its next product will be much more ambitious. Unveiled via a YouTube video, its Gatebox will be an artificial intelligence able to interact with a human, control home automation equipment, taking pictures, reading the weather, but the great originality, it is that this IA will be realized by a hologram.

The Gatebox couple a holographic display and an artificial intelligence


Azuma Hikaki, it is the name of the first avatar presented by Vinclu for its Gatebox. This character clearly arises as the otaku virtual companion, a market of enthusiasts willing to spend a lot and incidentally… single.

Vinclu will go to the end of its project initiated in 2015? For now the startup has not announced a date of marketing or even its technology partners to complete the development of its Gatebox.

A few years ago, Toyota had already thought install a such hologram on the dashboard of their cars but the project which had never led.

a companion hologram, an idea that only the Japanese are probably the only ones capable of launching on the market.

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