The Bauhaus imagine a new design for the airliner of the future

Airbus-Voltair airliners of new generation Boeing 787 as Airbus A350 wide-bodied or neo A320 and 737 Max represent an improvement of 15% to 20% compared to the previous generation devices. The gains made by aircraft manufacturers have been thanks to new engines and the use of new materials. To achieve the objectives of the European Clean Sky programme that provides a reduction of half of the emissions of Co2 and noise, 80% for NOx, future airliners will have to be very different than the ones we know today.

The rear of the fuselage converted to turbojet

Today, all airliners are similar: cylindrical fuselages, engines in nacelles hung under the wings, only enthusiasts or millionaires in Miles are able to recognize at a glance look.

Bauhaus Luftfahrt - Propulsive FuselageThe objectives of ‘Clean Sky’, engine manufacturers are working on several tracks, including hybrid engines, electric, open, inter alia, rotors and aircraft manufacturers will have to innovate in terms of aerodynamics, including by integrating the engines in the fuselage. Bauhaus Luftfahrt (research centre established by Airbus Group, Liebherr Aerospace, MTU Aero Engines and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Bavaria) is working on the concept of “propulsion fuselage”. An Airbus A330 will receive this third engine on the back of the fuselage to validate this concept. It will not add a classic engine as was the case of the Douglas DC – 10 and Lockheed TriStar in the 1970s. Engineers want to literally transform the back of the turbojet aircraft. They have calculated that if their propulsion fuselage will represent 23% of the thrust of an airliner, are weight will only represent 6% of the weight of the unit. The researchers give until 2019 to decide whether this device is worth to be tested in flight.


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