Biomimicry: Berkeley researchers are inspired by the cockroach to create an all-terrain robot

the periplaneta americana or American cockroach is an insect repellent in many ways and nobody likes to be found in his kitchen. For researchers, this insect to a fairly unique feature: it is able to disappear between two furniture or in a crack in a fraction of a second. The cockroach has the Faculty of literally flatten on a few millimeters in less than a second. Better, it remains capable of moving at an impressive rate in this yet extreme position. A super-power whose researchers were inspired to create the robot CRAM.

CRAM, a robot capable of running in a space 2 times smaller than its size


the CRAM robot resembles an Armadillo; but its joints are inspired by those of the American cockroach. (Photo: PolyPEDAL Lab UC Berkeley)

The robots of search for survivors in the disaster will look like a day of cockroaches. The track followed by researchers at the University of California / Berkeley is promising. The American cockroach is contained in the “Guinness Book” for a record speed with 1.5 meters per second, or 50 times the size of his body by second but it st capable of supporting up to 900 times their weight without damage. With CRAM (Compressible Robot with Articulated Mechanisms), the Berkeley researchers created a robot able to move just like his biological model but also reduce its height in a spectacular way. This “compressible” robot has multiple joints that allow it to continue to run with an area much smaller than its size.

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Source: ‘ Cockroach-inspired robot that squeezes through cracks “, Berkeley News, February 8, 2016

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