Three in a row for New Shepard, Blue Origin’s rocket

On 2 April 2016, Blue Origin has scrambled again its New Shepard rocket. A successful flight that saw the rocket go up to 103.8 km altitude to release its manned capsule. For this test flight, this one still hosted no occupant. The premiere of this flight is that it was the third rocket. The startup of Jeff Bezos is winning his bet to develop a fully reusable rocket. The capsule landed at 2 km/h vertical speed only thanks to its 3 parachutes and retro-rockets, as a good old Soviet capsule. For the rocket booster, it fell at breakneck speed from its 100 km altitude, only slowed of aerodynamic speed brakes. At 1,107 meters altitude, the BE-3 rocket engine rekindled as expected and slowed the booster to a vertical speed of less than 8 km/h, which allowed the New Shepard to land on his landing area without damage for the second time. Blue Origin is successfully pursuing its development plan and now seems to control the landing procedure. Still the company founded by Jeff Bezos to develop its BE-4 engine that will be five times more potent than the current motor New Shepard.

Blue Origin - New Shepard

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