Bosch to show a haptic screen on CES 2016

Bosch-Hapic-InterfaceA “these 2016 Innovation Award’ has been awarded to Bosch.
The automotive supplier has in fact present on the American show a new kind of touchscreen. It is aimed at the vehicles of tomorrow infotainment systems. In addition to an analysis of the pressure exerted by the user in the image of the «3D Touch» iPhone, this screen includes a feature that smartphones do have a primitive way: a haptic interface.

The Detection of pressure and haptic soon on car screens

The idea of the engineers is to recreate the sensation that one can have with a real button on a touch screen. The screen that will be presented by Bosch of these in January next handset in both the ‘3D Touch’ and the ability to do a physical sensation to the finger pressed. This return of sensation is what is called a haptic interface. Several “textures” are available for the developer who can make the user a sensation of grainy, ridged or perfectly smooth surface.

The Bosch haptic display and its different tactile textures.

The Bosch haptic display and its different tactile textures.

Bosch is not the inventor of this type of device, a specialist such as Immersion proposes it in the form of products and licenses to many industrialists, but Bosch is the first to offer it to the automakers. The user who wants to activate a button on the screen can touch the screen without leaving the road of the eyes function of sensation felt, he will know if his finger is properly positioned on the button and it may press hard to actually activate the virtual button.

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Source : “Bosch recipient of the CES 2016 Innovation Awardin the “In-Vehicle Audio/Video” category”, Bosch press release, November 11, 2015

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