Boston Consulting Group: Robotics, a market of 67 Md$ in 2025

Robots-DeltaRobotics will be the “Megatrend” of the next few years. It will redefine the industry, but also good impact to other sectors. Performance increase, price decrease, the number of applications of the robots explode in the future. Analyses of BCG estimate that this market, which was still only 15 billion dollars in 2010, will reach $ 67 billion. Each company must now begin to reflect on how his Business Model is going to be impacted by the rise of robots, because of many sector will have to make their Robotics revolution.

Robot will be more than synonymous with automotive assembly line

Service robotics, here a Pal Robotics robot in an open space, is part of this 'Megatrend' Robotics announced by BCG.

Service robotics, here a Pal Robotics robot in an open space, is part of this ‘Megatrend’ Robotics announced by BCG.

In a recent note of analysis, experts from Boston Consulting Group underline the profound changes that will know the Robotics market in years to come. The robots will leave automakers Assembly hall and painting workshops for the conquest of other industries. The food industry, including is cited by analyses.
Another factor for growth in this market, emerging countries. The divide between developed countries who buy robots and emerging countries that rely on the low cost of their workforce will disappear. China Team, and many countries will turn to robots to compensate for the slowdown in the growth of their population active (Germany, Japan and South Korea in mind).

The military will become the biggest buyers of robots by 2025

Rise-of-Robotics-ex1_large_tcm80-168768More powerful (relatively) cheap and more advanced behaviour, robots will conquer many markets. The military will return the largest buyers of robots, before even the industrialists but markets that will experience the most growth over the period 2000/2025 will be those commercial robots and personal robots. The first category includes the robots for the medical sector, agriculture and construction. What BCG analysts call personal robot gathers leisure robots, domestic robots or even those who will be dedicated to education. By 2025, these markets weigh respectively $ 17 billion and 9 billion, against $ 16.5 billion for various military applications of robotics.

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Source : “The Rise of Robotics”, BCG Perspectives, August 27, 2014

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