Video of the week: the Santa Claus sleigh, made by Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics, probably the most media company bought by Google in its robotic strategy just posted a video on the occasion of Christmas. Three of his quadruped robots have taken the place of the reindeer of Santa Claus and require his sleigh. A video fun for some, frightening to others, a rare American demonstrations since he joined Google. a few days earlier, it was announced that all Robotics companies acquired by Google in 2013 passed under the fold of Google X, the entity dedicated to advanced projects of Google. Apart from this stunt of Christmas, Google has indeed nothing demonstrated meaningful in the field since 2013. It expected a serious acceleration of the sector by virtue of Google but it was not nothing. These are investors, independent startups and the ‘traditional’ roboticists who, at least in appearance, have innovative the more recent months. Certainly an admission of failure for Google after the recent departure of Andy Rubin and several of his lieutenants.Boston Dynamics Christmas
Translation : Bing Translator
Source : “Google’s Scattershot Robotics Division, Titan Drones Are Moving Into Google X”, Re/code, December 18, 2015

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