Boston Dynamics Handle, the robot master of balance

the American robotician has finally released an official video of his new robot. Baptized Handle, this one has no vocation commercial nor a useful, it is an exercise in style. It is a robot that can be called Biped mounted on wheels, a sort of roller skate that defies any notion of balance.

This robot, which measures nearly 2 metres is both electric and hydraulic, allowing him to move at the speed of 14 km/h, but also jump 1.20 m high. Its unique travel mode of Boston Robotics engineers to announce autonomy more than 24 km. They have designed a robots to amazing movement with only 10 degrees of freedom, proof of their proficiency both the balance and the robots movements. What a pity that Google not to confine its subsidiary Robotics in the design of demonstrators and don’t try to design their trading robots.

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