Automotive: Record number of patents filed in 2014

Toyota-Fuel-Cell-Vehicle The 18 largest global car manufacturers have filed more than 57,000 patents in 2014. This is a new record on the matter since this number has increased by 7% in a year after a slight decline in 2013. Manufacturers have increased their budgets R & amp; development, including the electric propulsion systems, hybrid and fuel cells. According to figures collected by the “Center of Automotive Management” German, a giant largely dominates this ranking innovative Toyota.

Increasingly manufacturers work on alternative powertrains

Car manufacturers have boosted their R & amp; D. After the air hole after the 2009 financial crisis, manufacturers increased their research budgets and the number of patents filed in resumed its progress.

Not surprisingly, German manufacturers increased their patents. The number of patents filed by Volkswagen engineers increased by 35%, that of their colleagues in BMW 29%, that 15% of Daimler.

Patents in Automotive Industry - CAM

The ranking of car manufacturers that filed the most patents in 2014. Source : CAM, 2015

Among American automakers, while innovation at General Motors declined slightly in 2014, this is not the case of Ford. The iconic manufacturer committed to innovation and has set up a research center in Silicon Valley which seems to turn full. The number of patents filed by Ford was up 33% in one year. Nevertheless all global manufacturers are still light years of the patent torrent file Toyota engineers each year. In 2014, they filed nearly 15,000 patents, 26% of all patents filed by the 18 largest groups in the sector!

Researchers from the “Center of Automotive Management” emphasize that many of the patents on the powertrain no longer wear on engines conventional explosion but on hybrid or electric propulsion. These alternatives accounted for 85% of patents filed on the propulsion part including nearly 6,000 for hybrid systems, electric drive for 4300 and 1200 for fuel cells. Toyota is obviously the champion of patents on electric motors and hybridization, but General Potors, Hyundai, Ford and Volkswagen have multiplied the publications on this subject in 2014 and joined Toyota, Nissan and Honda.

As for French manufacturers PSA ,, appears in ninth place with a number of further decline patents. Renault (excluding Nissan) knows a slight increase but only in peak 12th Place.

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