Patents: NASA will grant licenses to startups

Nasa-Robonaut-2NASA has launched an initiative to American entrepreneurs. The space agency opens part of its patent portfolio. In all, NASA provides access to 1,200 patents opened in 15 areas. Robotics, telecommunications, drones, optics, manufacturing processes, materials, simply complete an online form to start the process. Attention Nasa does not offer its patents to the contractor. This grant of license contracts against companies pay the agency to pay its inventors and laboratories, but no minimum amount is imposed.

1,200 patents open to American SMEs

NASA wants to approach startups and entrepreneurs. If the research centers of large companies know cooperate with public research centers is far less the case of SMEs and startups. Hyperfine-InterpolatedAs part of its technology transfer program, the agency has established support mechanisms for spinoffs created by the researchers, a catalog of technical software and so now patent catalog.

Of the 1,200 patents available to startups, many technologies from spacecraft such as heat shields, landing systems, etc. Some are very specific and will need every imagination of startup creators to find their applications on Earth. Others are much more suitable for commercial applications. Catalogue listed as guidance systems and collision avoidance for UAVs, image processing algorithms and 3D scenes, innovative materials and paints, media, etc. Robotics occupies a significant share of catalog opened by Nasa. It is possible to take a license on the Robonaut 2 designed by NASA, DARPA and General Motors. Transforming a space robot taxi driver or pizza maker, is now possible.

Attention supply NASA priori address is only to US companies, preferably to SMEs. Besides the business model, NASA application in its form how the use of the patent applied for benefit the US economy.

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Source : “NASA Offers Its Patents To Start-ups”, Aviation Week, October 12, 2015


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