Repeted Bugs on the 2013 F1

2013-Australian-GP-19he 2013 season is announced as a year of transition for the small world of formula 1. It is indeed in 2014 that the F1 will radically change. Arrival engine V6 Turbo, new energy recovery systems, etc. This is to anticipate this technological break that McLaren Electronic Systems, supplier of the ECU, the F1 onboard computers, introduced the model 2014 from this year. Not without difficulty, as in the first trials of early in the season, the bugs have proliferated. Not only McLaren did wrong was make his case, but even the official telemetry system of the FIA is…


In 2014, the formula 1 Championship will see its deeply modified technical regulation. MotoGP is (a little) more green with less voracious engines fuel and most powerful energy recovery systems. The arrival of V6 engines Turbo instead of the V8 will involve a change in embedded software and on-board computer.

TAG 320, the on-board computer in all F1 of the 2013 season.

TAG 320, the on-board computer in all F1 of the 2013 season.

Created by McLaren Electronic Systems, installed in all the cars that participate in the World Championship. McLaren and Microsoft had won the contract in 2006. The model TAG – 310 B, used since 2008 has been designed to handle the current V8 engines and should evolve to the arrival of new generation engines. McLaren Electronic Systems has chosen to press the movement and has distributed its new ECU, the TAG-320 to all teams at the start of the 2013 season. A little too soon visibly since as early as pre-season testing problems have multiplied: some cars are stuck in their pits, absence of a telemetry module which works. The OEM has promised debugger the ECU before the first grand prix of the season. In it, Mark Webber, Red Bull, driver has pointed to a problem with the ECU and implicitly accused McLaren, the stable rival to have sabotaged his race.

Since then, after 4 races run, McLaren Electronic Systems appears to have come to defeat her Tag 320 bugs. And yet, the drivers are not at the end of their sentence. Indeed, it comes to learn that it is this time the telemetry system of the FIA (Federation Internationale Automobile) who is stranded since the start of the season! The system is unable to communicate to the driver the related signals flags deployed on the circuit, the signal of Safety Car on track or activation of the DRS (mobile wing) permission, as much data that are still not displayed on the steering wheel from the driver. This time, it is not my issue, but Riedel. A supplier who has promised that its system would be functional again for the grand prix of Spain next Sunday…

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