Canyon prepares its first connected bike

Canyon-Connected-BikeExternally, nothing distinguishes this road bike Canyon Aeroad another. However, hides in its framework a handful of electronic chips, it’s a new type of connected object.

The German has partnered with T-Systems, service of the Deutsche Telekom group company, to develop this “Connected Bike”. It should be marketed in 2017.

All objects are or will be connected one day where the other. It is a part of the digital transformation of the industrial property strategy and the good old bike was certainly not going to escape. Many Kickstarter projects were launched in this direction, but German Canyon may be the first large bicycle manufacturer to put his bike connected on the market. It is a project of co-innovation led with T-Systems and which was launched in January 2014. A prototype has been developed and a small first series should be produced next year, for a marketing hoped a year later.


Embedded electronics in the Canyon/T-Systems prototype.

In addition to the power of a possible application of performance monitoring of cycling or rather the cyclist, computer embedded in this Aeroad may trigger an alert from a centre of appeal in case of fall. After confirmation on the smartphone from the owner of the bicycle relief may be sent on the spot. Imagine also a service location for this precious bicycle theft. In addition, the constructor also refers to an embryo of predictive maintenance. It can advise you change the string not only on the basis of kilometers driven, but also time spent rolling under the rain or even the total difference traveled by bike.

Everyone will judge the usefulness (or not) of these new functions, in contrast to Canyon connect this bike (currently sold more than 5.000 euro) is of enormous interest. The manufacturer will particularly be able to keep in touch with the owners of sold bicycles. Indeed, a second-hand market set up for these bikes of luxury, and via the application, Canyon will be able to come into contact with the second, and then the eventual third owner of each bike. A godsend for marketing.

So, you can start putting money aside to be able to offer you this little gem in 2017!

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