2015, Samsung bet on connected objects

vSamsung-2015Jostled by Chinese manufacturers of smartphones on the market, Samsung is delivered in the last quarter 2014 has a deep restructuring of the group. 2015 looks for the Korean chaebol as the year of the renaissance. It is in any case the message that wanted to pass Kwon Oh Hyun, Vice President of Samsung Electronics at its wishes to the employees of the group. A speech where he presented its priorities for 2015: the Internet of things and the B2B.

Samsung transfers his mobile developers to consumer electronics

For Kwon Oh Hyun , the goal is clear : “We must make efforts to establish lasting competitiveness by introducing new activities, such as Internet objetKwon Oh Hyun , the objective is clear: ” we must make efforts to suit les Introducing a sustainable compétitivité by new activities , SUCH AS the Internet of things ” report the Korean News Agency Yonhap. Samsung already announced wanting to restructure its bloated phablets and other Android tablets, smartphones, will focus on connected objects and go for growth where it looks flourishing. First act of this redeployment, the reassignment of 500 software development engineers who will leave the mobile activity to join the consumer electronic business. A drop of water for a group that had already 40.506 engineers development in 2013, but a significant redeployment of forces in the direction Kwon Oh Hyun-driven. Engineers will develop the app for TV and refrigerators connected objects of all kinds for the connected home.

tv_tizenThese 2015 which opens today in Las Vegas is going to be an opportunity for the Korean to give some concrete ways of this strategy. The banner of Samsung on the grand salon of electronics, is now “See What’s Possible When Everything’s Connected. The first announcement of the giant was all smart TVs that will be launched by 2015 under its brand will now work under Tizen, with the OS that Samsung has not managed to impose on the mobile market.

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