CES, a 2015 edition at the french time

Withings-ActivitéThe French startups stormed Las Vegas this week. With 120 firms in the Consumer Electronic Show, the France did better than Germany, the United Kingdom or Taiwan. This edition, very marked by the advent of connected objects, puts forward the dynamisms of French companies in this area. The french champions of the sector are well there. Parrot, Netatmo, Sen.se and Withings obviously made the trip and will glean many awards. but 66 young shoots have accompanied them. It occupy a quarter of the Eureka Park, the new business area. Better, even more traditional companies have flew to Las Vegas.

A lot of French startups on the dynamic market of connected objects

Today Emmanuel Macron, Minister of economy, industry and digital, Axelle Lemaire, Secretary of State for the digital and Muriel Pénicaud, DG of UbiFrance will browse the aisles of these. Far from the prevailing pessimism of the Hexagon, they will be able to meet French tip and rather well positioned companies on a market with strong potential, one of the connected objects. The action of Fleur Pellerin and French-Tech has been significant, resulting in not less than 66 startups to «Sin City». Of course, it is still far from the thousand of Chinese companies on the these, but the effort is more than remarkable.

With its connected camera Welcome, Netatmo still won an award in Las Vegas.

With its connected camera “Welcome”, Netatmo still won an award in Las Vegas.

In addition to the belt connected of Belty, electric skates Rollkers, the connected range HAPIfork or even the robot Keecker projector that have captured the attention of the American media, the companies French should glean a beautiful series of awards at the 2015 edition. Withings already won 3 CES Innovation Awards, as well as Giroptic for his ultra HD camera capable of filming on 360 °, Lima Technologies for his Cloud in a USB key, Voxtok for his ‘Audio Capsule», music player able to play music in multiple rooms. Is no limit to the imagination of the french entrepreneurs and this record edition is in the continuity of the 2014 edition where Parrot, Netatmo and Sen.se had already been distinguished. New addition to these pure players, traditional companies changing to digital are also the travel for the first time: La Poste, l ‘ Oréal, Pernod Ricard, Valeo are in Las Vegas, proof that the French industry does not miss the digital revolution.

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