Video of the week: the EHang 184 drone caused a sensation on CES 2016

While all consumer electronics manufacturers, automakers have multiplied the ads on the these, this is a virtually unknown Chinese drone constructor to the battalion that has generated the most buzz in the media. Its EHang 184 drone is indeed able to move with a passenger on board! A declination ultra light but very real the flying DeLorean from back to the future II.

EHANG 184, a XXL drone able to carry one passenger

L'EHang 184 a décroché un trophée de l'innovation lors du CES 2016.

EHang 184 has won a trophy of innovation these 2016.

The formula is relatively traditional: a drone electric octoptere with the engines and propellers aggregate 2-2, but size XXL. a drone large enough to accommodate a small cabin where passengers can take place for auto theft. Batteries occupy the entire base of the drone. It has already stolen without passenger on board but if online video is exciting, it raises also a few questions. On the one hand Assembly of the cabinet shows its extreme lightness. If EHang 184 designers argue that their drone is secure by design, it is not certain that this cabin is the crash-test successfully shows.

Another limit, his application of pilotage. Our passenger draws him even his flight plan on a digital tablet in order to program its flight. On the video, the flight crosses from side to side… an aerodrome. In short much work still seems necessary before making this superb EHang 184 a flying object that can win approval of flight… If the aviation regulation tolerate one day this kind of camera!

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