CES 2016: Lenovo first to unveil a smartphone Google Tango

CES 2016 - LenovoLaunched in 2013 and officially unveiled in 2014, the Tango: Google’s project aims to give a three-dimensional vision to smartphones. Technology currently only open to developers and researchers through tablets and smartphones built in small series. However, when these Lenovo and Google have announced the imminent launch of the first smartphones on the market.

Project Tango, a vision 3D for smartphones platform

Giving a smartphone to a 3D vision, that is to say a camera coupled with a distance sensor, Google has opened a range of new potential applications for smartphones.


With technology Project Tango, a device can turn into 3D scanner to scan an object, but also to map the surroundings. The smartphone also becomes the ideal support of augmented reality applications.

Following the joint between Lenovo and Google of these 2016 announcement, Lenovo (purchaser of Motorola Mobility in October 2014) should therefore be the first manufacturer to launch a compatible smartphone. It should be marketed in the summer 2016. It will be a smartphone powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (model has not been unveiled) and equipped with a screen that is expected to reach 6.5 ‘, so a format of type phablet. The manufacturer said that the price of this device to 3D vision will be less than $500. A joint between Lenovo and Google sponsoring operation should provide this platform of innovative 3D applications.

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