CES 2018: LG continues its offensive in service robotics

LG has made it a habit of the CES to unveil its new robots. The 2017 edition featured the Japanese Hub, a small Jibo-style assistant robot, a mobile assistance robot for airports and a cleaning robot.

In 2018, the LG booth in Las Vegas will be animated by an assistance robot, or rather 3 robots, as this robot is already available in 3 versions, depending on whether you want it to carry suitcases at an airport, a waiter in a restaurant or an intelligent trolley in a supermarket.

A robotic platform available in 3 versions for 3 uses

The “Porter” version of the CLOi assistance robot presented by LG on the CES 2018.

Baptized CLOi (to be pronounced KLOH-ee in english), these are 3 new robots that enrich the LG range with machines whose robotic base is common but the goals a little different. All of them are offered on the B2B2C market, with a robot for airports and train stations, a robot for bars, restaurants and hotels, and finally a robot designed for mass distribution. Relatively simple from a mechanical point of view, these robots seem to have a head (a touch screen) articulated an axis and a mobile platform with wheels, therefore simpler than a Softbank Robotics Pepper and, a fortiori, than a C-3PO, this robot will have the IA ThinQ developed by LG for its home automation and consumer electronics products.

Source: “LG exploring new commercial opportunities with expanding portfolio”, Press Release LG, 4 January 2018

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